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Recruit Foreign Employees and Enhance Your Workplace

At Exchange Abroad, we understand how difficult it is to go through job applications submitted by an individuals, to find the perfect candidate who would be able to take your company to new heights.

Exchange Abroad helps ease off the burden from employers by going through the job applications and resumes, screening suitable candidates and referring them to the employers for consideration. As we are available around the clock, our clients can contact us in case of any query that arises during any hour f the day. We also help the employees and guide them about their job requirements and make sure they are ready to put their best into the job they are being given. We keep a thorough check on every candidate throughout his job period to ensure he/she is conforming with the work ethics and doing his/her job well.

Programs Offered by Exchange Abroad

Summer Work and Travel

The program was initiated with the purpose for giving foreign individuals a chance to travel and explore the American culture. This program offers them a chance to meet and interact American locals, learn about the diverse American culture and discover different American cities while working on small jobs to cover up a part of their expenses.

Intern and Trainee          

These programs were initiated with the primary objectives to encourage and provide a platform for foreign students and fresh graduates to explore the American workplace. These programs offer both internships and training programs for both students and graduates who have a little work experience. Through these programs, they gain exposure, learn about American expertise and workplace environment and attain understanding to enhance their resumes and future careers. The basic motive of these programs revolves around a key objective of the Fulbright-Hays Act, which states that participants that have taken part in such foreign exchange programs will return to their home countries and share their experiences with their local countrymen.

Reasons to Work with Exchange Abroad

Since we have been dealing with the international cultural exchange sector for over ten years, we understand that keeping up to date with policy changes can be rather time consuming and requires extra effort on behalf of the companies.

Exchange Abroad will help you get the best from your jobs placements. We will shortlist the more competent candidates, provide documentation and process information and keep a regular check on the work behavior of the exchange employees.

Following are the list of benefits you shall gain once you join hands with Exchange Abroad:

  • We will provide you with a list of diverse recruitment solutions that will help you choose and recruit the best.
  • We will screen the job applications and refer to you the best of the applicants.
  • We will provide to you the opportunity to travel with us abroad to conduct face to face interviews of the candidates and choose the most suitable ones yourself.

At Exchange Abroad, we do our best to make certain that:

  • Every candidate is tested regarding English language communication skills and knowledge regarding the specific field he/she belongs from.
  • Each candidate we refer to you will be completely suited to your business needs and job duration.
  • The employee’s paperwork is handled adequately and is processed within appropriate time.
  • Our team helps you out with your business concerns and job placement queries in the hour of need.
  • 24/7 emergency support is provided to our clients.
  • All selected candidates attend an orientation seminar that would make them aware of the future challenges of working abroad.
  • We will assist you with employee’s residence etc.

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